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POLYP - OCTOPUS ride is a family ride.The underwater theming makes it suitable for both dry and water parks.
Rotation on its axis, revolution of each car, rotation of 4 cars on their own axis:the Polyp lifts you, it lets you spin and turn and twirl round and round and round...

- Seating:40 passengers
- Hour capacity: 1000 persons per hour
- Lighting power:43 kw
- Motive power:65 kw
- Approx. total weight: kg 37.000
- Direction of travel: clockwise (rotation)8 rpm - counterclockwise (eccentric) 16 rpm - counterclockwise (4 cars together) 18 rpm
- Working diameter: m 16,20
- Max. heighth: m 5,00 (cars), m 6,00 (central decoration)

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