At Emiliana Luna Park we’ve been manufacturing amusement rides since 1966 and have built a business bringing together the latest technologies and Italian craftsmanship.

Our long-term success is based on our personal commitment to quality and to safety: it is a continuous management process; it is both a business strategy and a personal responsibility, and it is a part of our culture and values. At the end of the day, quality is much more than something we can quantify in words or pictures. It is an attitude – a mindset. By taking it personally we are able to deliver rides that stand the test of time to amusement parks, carnivals, shopping malls and other entertainment venues worldwide.


Emiliana Luna Park is established by its founder Mr Gianluigi Demaria

His previous experiences in the same amusement business make his business grow rapidly with the construction of DARK RIDES, SHOOTING GALLERIES, BUMBER CARS PAVILIONS, FUN HOUSES and ROTOR.

The company starts exporting, in the Scandinavian countries mainly. In 1971 Emiliana Luna Park lands in Brazil, that will become one of its main markets some decades later.


The first BALLERINA amusement ride (aka Hully Gully aka trabant ride) is manufactured and is soon a tremendous success with over 200 sold units

Emiliana Luna Park has now built its brand in Europe, Middle East and South America.

This ride is then developed in many different editions, both park and trailer-mounted models. A unique project is designed for Gardaland where the ride is anchored to the bottom of a pond and passengers have to ride the UFO-themed Ballerina ride in order to cross the lake so as to have access to another area of the park.


The ROCKET, the ancestor of today’s simulators is produced.

Emiliana Luna Park expands in Eastern Europe countries.


A new massive amusement ride adds to the range of products.

With its horizontal start and lifting up to 19m, the ENTERPRISE is still one of the most exciting rides on the market. The company is now exporting most of its production. Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia become strong markets.


Emiliana Luna Park wins the IAAPA

best new product award for the games category with its arcade game FINAL SPRINT


A tiny, funny, loony new game is developed: the redemption game FRIED FROGS.

Hundreds of units produced and sold in all 5 continents. The unusual choice to produce such a small product turns out to be a top seller. No major ride can compete with this top grossing game in terms of exceptional value for the money.


Emiliana Luna Park launches a new designed POLYP ride (aka OCTOPUS ride).

The gondolas are remolded by Italian masters and Polyp becomes an amazing eye-catching attraction. By now the company is identified by travelling showmen as one of the most skilled ones as to manufacturing quick assembly and dismantling rides on semi-trailer.

The 90’s

New Asian markets open up fresh opportunities: TAGADISKO becomes the must-have ride in most of the Korean amusement parks.

Several rides are exported to Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, North Korea and for the first time in China.

Meanwhile in Brazil the company is the go-to source for any amusement-related solutions. Emiliana Luna Park opens a branch with a spares warehouse in São Paulo .

The 2000’s

In these years the company’s customer retention increases.

Customer retention measures not only how successful you are at acquiring new customers, but how successful you are at satisfying existing customers and Emiliana Luna Park takes pride to have become a trusted advisor to many customers.

The company quickly responds to changing markets and focuses on amusement rides with compact size for shopping malls and indoor parks. MINI TAGADA, MINI DISCO FLY, BLAST OFF, MINI FLYING CARPET and MEXICAN DANCE are born. Theming becomes essential and the company doesn’t get caught unprepared.


Mr Demaria, Ceo of the company is honoured with the Lamberto d’oro,

an award presented by the local community in recognition of his consistent and long-term achievements within the amusement industry internationally and a lifetime service for his home town and the dedication to its well-being.


Emiliana Luna Park is now a young and dynamic company with its roots in the legacy of its founder

a forward-thinking company that has a marked penchant to teamwork with other companies in the amusement industry. New rides are on their way and new designs are being developed. Stay tuned!

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